Constitution & Rules


The name of the Club shall be ‘FOREST OF DEAN HISTORIC VEHICLE CLUB’.

The object of the Club shall be to cater for owners of vehicles of historic interest.

The main aims of the Club are as follows:

  1. To get together owners of eligible vehicles, to exchange information, knowledge, etc., to aid in the restoration and preservation of old vehicles.
  2. To promote the regular use and display of these vehicles.
  3. To arrange various social events for the benefit of Club members throughout the year.
  4. To afford members such benefits and privileges as it may be possible to arrange.
  5. The Club is a non-profit-making organization. Any funds excess to Club requirements will be distributed to local charities at the committee’s discretion.


  1. Full membership is only available to owners of eligible vehicles on the road or under active restoration.
    Eligible vehicles
    Vehicles 30 years old and older will automatically qualify for full membership.
    Vehicles less than 30 years old can become Class 2 vehicles with committee approval.
    Associate membership is available  to owners of Class 2 vehicles on the road or under active restoration that are less than 30 years old but only if the vehicle is of particular interest (e.g. prototype; racing success; rare; interesting heritage etc.)
  2. Associate membership is also available for people with Class 2 vehicles and people who have previously been full members but for some reason have disposed of their vehicles and are still interested in the Club.
    Associate members will not have the right to vote, serve on the committee or show their vehicles at Club events.
    On Club runs, spare seats may be offered to associate members. If none are available, the Class 2 vehicles will be allowed on the run.
  3. Subscription rates will be determined at the Annual General Meeting held in January and any change of fee will become effective from 1st February.
  4. Membership will have deemed to have lapsed for members whose subscription that are due on 1st February are not paid by 31st March.
  5. Where a vehicle is jointly owned, all joint owners may be deemed Club members.
  6. The Club subscription year shall run from 1st February to 31st January. In the case of a member joining after 1st November, subscription renewal shall not be due until the end of the following year, although any end of year activities must be paid for in full.
  7. Full and associate subscription rates are for one person only. Joint full membership is available at a reduced rate per couple.
  8. The Club committee shall normally consist of the following: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Events Secretary, Membership Secretary, Magazine Editor and two general committee members.
  9. The position of Chairman to be elected every two years. All other positions to be elected annually. The election of all committee members to take place at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer must be elected from someone who has previously served in another official position or as a committee member wherever possible.
  10. At any one time, there will be three persons who are able to sign cheques on behalf of the Club. These will normally be the Treasurer, Chairman and Secretary. On no account will any two members of the same family allowed to be signatories.
  11. The Membership Secretary may at his/her discretion enrol new members conforming to the requirements as listed above. The committee to be notified of such new members at the next committee meeting.
  12. At least 15 members must be present at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary Meeting to form a quorum and at least 5 members must be present at a committee meeting to form a quorum.
  13. The committee has the power to co-opt new members as and when they see fit.
  14. The Club Rules may only be altered, amended or added to at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary Meeting for that purpose.
  15. The Club committee reserve the right to refuse entry to a Club run, under the name of the Club, any exhibit deemed undesirable or unsafe.
  16. Application for membership shall be deemed to be acceptance of Club rules.
  17. No individual member of affiliated body shall take on any public action or make public announcements in the name of the Club or otherwise do anything directly or indirectly to represent that any proposal, action or statement is approved by the Club. The committee alone will make announcements and publicize in the name of the Club.
  18. All vehicles should be insured to a minimum required by the Traffic Act to cover them on organised Club runs.
  19. All members will be issued with a copy of the Club Constitution and Rules and a copy of the Public Liability Insurance details and subsequently, a new copy will be issued when the rules are altered, amended or added to.
  20. Should the Club be disbanded, any monies, properties or land will be distributed as follows:  monies accrued for forthcoming trips will be refunded; creditors paid off; the rest distributed to a charity or charities named by the committee.
  21. Any paid-up member of the Club, has the right to examine the Club records giving 28 days’ notice in writing.
  22. Any decision made by the committee on behalf of the Club shall be final.