COGs Run July 2018

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The July COGs Run took us through two countries with views of two bridges though three food stops! What was not to like, as they say. We set off from Millbrook Garden Centre fortified with great coffee and then headed up to Trellech and through to Shirenewton. Trellech, which has various spellings including Trelleck, Treleck and Trelech, is an interesting village on a plateau between the Wye Valley and the Usk Valley. Shirenewton is a very pretty place.

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After Shirenewton the Run instructions asked us to look out for two bridges and the bull, which we duly did. There were lovely views as we drove down towards the A48 and our food.

As with all COGs runs we had a great lunch. Then some of us headed to Chepstow Garden Centre and others headed to the ‘tea’ stop at Tintern Station. The café there has changed hands so we were wondering what to expect, however, nice tea and cakes as usual, so no worries there. We were lucky to find a huge umbrella for us to sit outside under as this was one of the hotter days in our lovely June and July weather.

Then we headed home after a great day with great company.