eventsWe offer a range of regular events, see our Diary for more information on upcoming events.

Club nights

Club nights are held on the third Tuesday of each month starting at 8:00 pm. The meeting place is Ellwood football club(Bromley Road, Ellwood, Coleford,Gloucestershire GL16 7LZ) . Meetings often include speakers, film showings and quizzes. During the summer months, many members bring their vehicles, and once Club matters have been dealt with, enjoy a drink while admiring the assembled collection.

Club runs

We also hold monthly Club Sunday runs during the summer, giving members a chance to take their cars out, stopping off for coffee and lunch and for a visit to a museum, gallery or garden. The routes are set by members and usually run through quieter back roads for a maximum of 100 miles.

COGs runs

Once a month throughout the year a short run is organised during the week. COGs (Club’s Old Geezers!) runs are mainly aimed at those of us who are retired, or free on weekdays, but this is not a restriction, and the run is open to anyone in the Club. During the summer the format is to visit a pub or restaurant for lunch followed by a visit to anything interesting in the area (garden centre, house or museum, etc). In the winter we generally drive directly to a pre-booked pub locally for lunch. These are good fun and an enjoyable social occasion.