June Club night

Our meeting for this month centred on a talk from the “Severn Freewheelers”, which is an emergency voluntary service providing  a free out of hours service delivering blood, human tissue, medicine  and other essential medical items between NHS facilities in Hereford & Worcester, Gloucestershire and North Wiltshire. The idea first came about in 2007 through a group of motorbike riders in Stevenage wanting to help dispel the image of bikers as being a group of people generally acting in a negative way to society. The idea was taken up by other groups of riders across the country and now ten years later it covers all the UK and Southern Ireland as well.

The riders have to have an advanced riding qualification, annual skills check and undergo the emergency response training course just to qualify for duty. The service is on call 365 days of the year between 19:00hrs to 07:00hrs during the week and all day at weekends and public holidays. Each shift consists of a co-ordinator, three riders and a dispatcher. The dispatchers job is to receive calls and plan routes for the evening. Emergency calls are given priority and in these cases blue lights and siren would be in operation. Given that most of the teams members have day jobs and all are volunteers it’s certainly something that they should feel proud of and be recognised and rewarded for all their endeavours.

More information can be found on www.severnfreewheelers.co.uk

Our thanks go to Nigel, Derek and Holly for a most informative talk and wish them every success in the future, who knows one of us my be glad of their help one day.

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